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Unternehmen Rhododendronpark

Rhododendron Park

Rhododendron Park in Gristede

Magnificent flowers, lush growth and some evocative scents characterise Rhododendron. They grow in coastal regions as well as in mountainous zones above the tree line. Some thrive in the Alps or in the Appalachian Mountains, others are found in Western China, Northern Australia, Southern Europe and East Siberia.

Sheltered by tall pines the Gristede Rhododendron Park displays more than 1000 species of Rhododendron and hardy deciduous Azaleas. Erich and Wilhelm Bruns started their systematic collection in the 1950s in order to better study the individual characteristics, preferences and sensitivities of each particular cultivar, and from this their Gristeder Neuheiten® was born. The park was open to the inhabitants of Bad Zwischenahn from the first day, and soon became one of Ammerland’s attractions as well as a pilgrimage site for Rhododendron enthusiasts from around the world.

Come and visit the Rhododendron Park in Gristede. Click here for directions of how to find us.

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The 20-hectare site, which has been extended since 1985 includes a splendid lake with Metasequoias, Japanese Maples, Cornus, Hamamelis and Magnolia species and cultivars as well as many other specimen trees and shrubs.

The Rhododendrons and most trees and shrubs have name labels. The park also serves as a show garden for our own cultivars – to date around 150 have been bred here.